How can Plastic Strip Curtains Help Server Rooms?

Server Rooms

Increasing numbers of businesses produce and store enough data that they need to have a specialist server room. These rooms are essential to the running of the business – and are even increasingly important to national infrastructure. Data rooms face their own range of issues that require specialist solutions. They need to be kept to specific conditions, and variance from these conditions can affect their function. However, it is becoming increasingly easy to keep a server room in perfect condition – often in ways you might not have considered.

What is a Data Room / Server Room?

A server room is a room that is devoted exclusively to computer servers. These are usually running constantly, and are often key to the running of an organisation. Servers are key to the running and storage of the large quantities of data that many modern businesses produce. Keeping all the servers running in the same place is useful to make networking and other activities more efficient.

What Issues do Server Rooms Face?

Server rooms face a wide range of issues that can affect their continued running. Firstly, they produce a lot of heat. Having a large number of servers running continuously in a small space means generating a lot of heat. This heat does not necessarily flow around the room in an even and beneficial manner, but instead creates heat spots and areas of counter over-cooling.

They also generate a higher amount of potential static charge than is usual with computers. This static charge is not just potentially uncomfortable for people who need to use the room, but can also cause issues for the operation of the servers themselves.

How can Plastic Strip Curtains Help?

Plastic Strip Curtains can help with many of the issues that data rooms face. We offer a range of plastic strip curtains that can help prevent various different issues.

Anti-Static PVC Strip Curtains are designed to reduce the build up of static in server rooms. Hanging these at the entrance of a data room helps to reduce the static charge that can build up. They also help to reduce the amount of dust that can enter the data room.

Polar grade PVC Strip Curtains are designed to keep cold in and heat out. To prevent server rooms from over heating, it is essential to maintain the temperature as low as is possible. PVC Strip Curtains can help to keep the temperature consistent and even.

How do I fit PVC Strip Curtains?

PVC Strip Curtains can fit into your data room in a few different ways. Generally, they need to hang from above in order to protect enough of the room. They can be hung from either a hook on system, or a sliding rail system. Where you place your curtains within your server room depends on what you need them to achieve. If you need to keep a specific area of a data room cold, then curtains can be placed around the servers themselves. However, if you need only to protect the room from static and dust entry, then an Anti-Static Curtain over the doorway or entrance may be sufficient.

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