How do Plastic Strip Curtains Protect Workers against the Cold?

Exterior view of factory with clear pvc strip curtain

As winter comes around, workers in warehouses and factories might start to feel the cold more. Many industrial buildings need to have a door open to the outside, to allow people, vehicles and materials to pass through easily. While this is non-negotiable for many businesses, it can make the winter a very cold time for people who need to work in a place with a constantly open door. However, factories and warehouses do not need to stay cold, even with doors open. Plastic Strip Curtains protect workers against the cold in the winter. Plastic Strip Curtains enable passage through an open door space, while maintaining warmth inside the room.  They achieve this through a permeable barrier of plastic strips, which hand from a rail above the door, and move aside when a person or a machine needs to pass through them.

Types of Plastic Strip Curtain

There are a number of potential types of Plastic Strip Curtain that might be used in your warehouse or factory. Each type of plastic strip has its own advantages, and are suitable for different potential uses. The main options we have available are:

  • Standard Grade – clear standard PVC, offering great visibility and a basic level of insulation.
  • Polar Grade – ideal for especially low temperatures – primarily cold rooms and refrigerators, but also particularly cold areas.
  • Ribbed – ribbed strips are suitable for taking tougher impacts, such as pallets, forklifts and high footfall areas.
  • Perforated – Suitable for areas that need protection, but still need ventilation, such as Kitchens and food outlets.

Explaining Door Requirements for Plastic Strip Curtains

Different door areas, and different potential use types have a variety of different requirements for hanging.

Internal doors with standard levels of pedestrian traffic need a minimum strip width and thickness of 200mm x 2mm. If this traffic includes forklifts, then the width of the strips needs to be greater – at a minimum of 300mm.

External doors and curtains around refrigerated areas need to be thicker – at least 3 or 4mm.

No PVC Curtains are recommended for car or heavier vehicle use.

PVC Curtains for Health and Safety

There are numerous health and safety benefits to be had from using plastic strip curtains around your warehouse or factory, besides simply the reduction of the cold. Plastic Strip Curtains protect workers in several ways.

PVC Strip Curtains can reduce the amount of dust and contaminant particulate matter in the air from reaching workers in other parts of the building.

They can also reduce overall traffic throughout a warehouse or factory, and encourage drivers to slow down as they move between areas.

Protecting Workers in Winter

Plastic strip curtains can help keep a warehouse or factory warmer over the winter. They prevent cold from passing as easily through an open door, even when people and vehicles need to pass through the barrier.

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We offer a wide range of strip types, suitable for a range of buildings and situations. We also offer a range of hanging strips to suit all strip types. We are experts at fitting PVC Strip Curtains – so we can answer any question you might have.