Plastic Strip Curtains for Refrigeration

Interior view of fitting clear green pvc strip curtain

Keeping places cold and sanitary is essential to the food preparation industry. Keeping perishable food fresh and healthy is a major concern of the food industry. This can be expensive, however, so ways to make refrigeration cheaper and more efficient are popular. Plastic Strip Curtains are frequently used across the world to help cold areas stay cold – particularly when the door needs to be opened and closed often.

What are PVC Strip Curtains?

PVC Strip curtains provide separation and a barrier between different areas. This might be between indoors and outdoors. It might be between different rooms. It could also be between different climatic zones within a building – in our case, between normal room temperature and colder zones.

They are formed of strips of plastic, which are hung from a rail above. They are lightweight enough that a person or machine can push through them, but sturdy enough to provide a degree of protection and separation between the two areas they separate. They provide a physical barrier – such that birds and pests are prevented from entering. However, they can also provide other degrees of barrier – such as to many types of bacteria. Finally, they can also help to maintain temperatures, both by keeping heat in/out and by keeping cold in/out.

How do I use Plastic Strip Curtains for Refrigeration?

Freezer Rooms

Freezer Rooms might be located in a warehouse or a factory. They are a room that is kept below zero degrees, usually in order to maintain food in a frozen state. Many such freezer rooms need to be opened and closed frequently. This can result in an inefficient use of energy, wasting money for the owner. A PVC Strip Curtain can help keep the cool in, and make the freezer room more efficient.

Food Preparation

All businesses involved in the preparation of food need to abide by certain hygiene standards and regulations. While they are required to fit anti-insect screening, they also need to take precautions to help protect food from bacteria. Antimicrobial PVC Strip curtains not only keep the area separate, but also help to repel bacteria.

Refrigerated Transport

Home delivery has been much more popular in recent years. Supermarket delivery is a major market. This is made possible by refrigerated vans. These are reliant on PVC Strip Curtains to help keep the cold in. Usually, refrigerated vans need to open and close the doors frequently – on every trip. This might have let the cold out, but strip curtains help to ensure it stays.

Types of Plastic Strip Curtains for Refrigeration

There are a few different types of PVC Strip Curtain available. These offer different strengths and resistances. The basic PVC Strip is solid and hardwearing. However, the Heavy Duty strip is more appropriate for a wider range of uses. It can stand up to the sort of high-impact items that a cold room might face. These might be pallets, crates or cages.

To learn more about PVC Strip Curtains, get in contact with us. They are not just used for refrigeration, but can be used in a wide variety of industries and scenarios. If you are uncertain what type of strip you might need, or would like to discuss your options, get in touch today.