Make your Warehouse Safer with PVC Crash Doors

PVC Crash Door

Many industries need to separate out parts of their factory or warehouse. Over the years, doing this has moved on from solid and impermeable barriers such as brick, metal or glass walls, to flexible and permeable barriers, such as PVC Strip Curtains. Crash doors are a variant of the PVC Strip Curtin that has become particularly popular in many industrial and factory units.

However, what are PVC Crash Doors, and how might they be suitable for your business?

What is a Crash Door?

PVC Crash Doors are a flexible swing door, that are suitable for a wide range of types of business. A PVC Crash Door is a strong, long lasting and clean way to separate out internal areas of a warehouse, factory, pharmaceutical unit or hospital. They provide a clear alternative to traditional crash doors to enable greater optical clarity. They can stand up to significant pressure without being damaged, and offer reduced heat loss, draughts and noise in the workplace.

Why Use Crash Doors?

Enclosed spaces such as warehouses and factories can suffer from significant issues with heat loss and noise pollution. This can cause difficulties for both workers and businesses. Businesses can lose out economically from wasting energy in heating large, energy inefficient spaces. Workers themselves can lose out from spending time in cold and noisy spaces that can be damaging to health.

What Advantages do PVC Crash Doors Have?

PVC Crash Doors can provide a low cost, low maintenance, easy to fit option to improve internal barriers within workplaces. Flexible crash doors are long lasting, easy to use and can be easily maintained. They are suitable for a wide range of locations and business types, being not just physically flexible, but also flexible in their range of use cases.

They are suitable for both light and heavy duty use of both personnel and vehicles. Our strong and long lasting durable PVC sheets can stand up to both general goods traffic and to pedestrian use, while still maintaining draughts, heat loss and noise pollution.

All our crash door variants pass any food hygiene regulations and are a cost-effective solution to any passageway within a working factory or warehouse. Our crash doors can come in multiple colours, styles, and bespoke sizes to fit any opening you require. Using our PVC we can create a fully clear crash door, or a 50/50 split crash door and a tri panel also if required.

We offer a range of colours, including black, grey, or clear and our PVC is available in 5mm or 7mm thickness. However, we will advise and tailor the components specifically to the opening you have. All the frames are made from aluminium and have a stainless-steel corner plate and stainless-steel base plate for added strength to the crash door

If you are looking for something more robust or heavy duty, then we also offer a high impact crash door which is half PVC and half rubber. This tends to be more popular for any distribution centres or supermarkets. It has a bottom half that consists of an 8-12mm thick piece of rubber and a clear PVC top. It has a maximum size of 2.5metres x 2.5 metres in width and height.

Check out our full range of PVC Crash Doors here, or get in touch with us to discuss which options might be right for you.