How do I keep a work place with an open door warm?

Can I keep a workplace with an open door warm?

In the winter months, keeping an open door at work sounds like a bad idea. After all, no one would want to let the cold into their home, so why would they want to at their place of work. However, for many businesses, having an open door is essential year round. Whether it is for reasons of ventilation, or for constant easy access, many places of work like factories and supermarkets need to keep at least one area of their buildings open at all times. How can businesses like these keep the loading bay doors open while still maintaining a safe and comfortable working environment?

PVC Strip Curtains

PVC Strip curtains allow buildings like warehouses and factories to maintain an open doorway that can be easily passed through. They help maintain an internal temperature, while allowing people and forklifts to pass through without damage.

What is a PVC Strip Curtain?

A PVC Strip Curtain is a series of strips of heavy duty PVC that have been hung across a doorway in an overlapping manner. They are heavy enough that they hang in place when not in use, but can be easily moved by a person or a vehicle like a forklift truck. Once the person has passed through the curtain, it swings back to hang in place again. Different thicknesses of PVC can be used for different purposes. A thicker strip is more appropriate for vehicles, and a thinner strip for people. Product recommendations are though dependent upon the size of the opening you are planning to cover.

Keeping your Workplace Warm

In the winter, the temperatures tend to be lower. Opening and closing a door, if the temperatures are different on either side, causes cold air to flood into the warm space. Doing this repeatedly over the day lets in a lot of cold air. However, having no door at all provides no protection against the cold. Using a PVC strip curtain allows only the space of a person or machine passing through to be open at any one time. This is less than if the whole door were open. There is less transfer of heat, and the inside space can be kept warm.

Installing a PVC Strip Curtain

One of the main reasons to choose PVC Strip Curtains is their ease of installation and use. While complicated door solutions do exist, they are more expensive and difficult to install. A PVC Strip curtain can be installed quickly and adjusted to match your door space. They are also easy to maintain and repair in case of accidents.

You install a curtain by affixing a number of strips onto either a light duty or heavy duty hanging rail, which can be both face and soffit fixed. The number of strips depends on how much overlap you want between the strips. The more strips, the more significant the barrier the curtain represents.

Safety Screens PVC Strip Curtains

Safety Screens are nationwide experts in fitting PVC strip curtains. Whatever kind of building or space you need to cover, we can help you find the right solution. When you contact us, we discuss with you what your circumstances are, and what might be the right type of strip curtain for you. Our experienced team of installers can then deliver and fit the curtain for you.

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