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The Rollerstrip PVC Plastic Strip Curtain

The Rollerstrip PVC plastic strip curtain has all the benefits of a standard PVC strip curtain with the added advantage of an electronically driven roller system, therefore allowing the plastic curtain to be raised and lowered as and when required.

  • Savings of up to 60% compared to high speed door installations

  • Automatic sensor or electronic ‘up / down’ push button operations available

  • 60% motor rating

  • Opening speed of 0.4 metres per second

  • Integrated safety system to prevent accidental pedestrian impact

  • Reduces noise pollution

  • Offers excellent energy savings

PVC Strip Pricer Software

The Safety Screens PVC pricer is a downloadable application that enables you to generate your own quotes at your leisure without the need to phone a Safety Screens sales advisor. To get the PVC pricer all you have to do is contact Safety Screens to get your username and password then download using the link below for absolutely FREE!


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