How to use PVC Strip Curtains for Animal Enclosures

Horses in stable without pvc strip curtains for animals

When you have animals – whether they are pets, used for work, or kept for conservation – you want to keep them in the best possible condition. That means comfortable, safe and warm. It also means as free as is possible, while still maintaining their safety. While pets and other domestic animals are likely to stay in your home or garden, if you keep horses, poultry or other outdoor animals, you will likely need to keep them in some form of enclosure or building. These locations often need to be kept to specific standards, while maintaining a clean and comfortable environment. Using PVC Strip curtains for animal enclosures allows you to keep out rain and wind, while allowing animals to pass through the door when they choose.

Barn Strip Doors

Barn PVC Strip Doors control the temperature of your barn or enclosure internally. They keep out rain, wind and weather, while allowing for easy entrance and exit for animals. You don’t need to keep traditional barn doors open with PVC Curtains. Strip Curtains are easy to clean with warm water. They are an easy, low price way to seal off barn entrances.

Poultry Sheds PVC Curtains

Poultry sheds often need to be kept at higher temperatures. Colder weather can affect brooding, and reduce the egg output of poultry. This means that poultry sheds often need to expend a large amount of energy in warming the shed. This can be expensive, particular if there is significant wastage in the energy production. Many poultry sheds have open doors for the birds to move through, which can allow a lot of energy to escape. Plastic Strip Curtains can help keep the heat in, helping you save money.

Stable Strip Curtains

Stables can benefit from plastic strip curtains. Horses are animals that can be notoriously fickle and exacting about how they want their living space to be. Plastic strip curtains can help keep stables clean and warm, while allowing easy entrance and exit. They are easy to clean, even with the thorough mess that horses can produce.


Many zoos and animal conservation centres have animals that naturally live in environments that are vastly different than the UK. To keep animals like these in conditions they can be healthy and happy in takes a serious effort to maintain temperatures and atmospheric conditions. Zoo keepers and animal handlers need to be able to easily enter and exit their animal enclosures, but cannot leave doors open to allow energy and potentially animals to escape. A plastic strip curtain within the traditional door allows the animals to remain safely enclosed, without wasting energy on heating whenever the door is open.

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