How to Stop Birds Getting in Your Warehouse

PVC Strips and Warehouses

Everything seems to be going well in your warehouse. It’s all organised efficiently, the workforce knows the business and orders are flooding in. However, problems that might seem small can easily grow into big deals. If you have a large warehouse, you probably have a large door. This will likely have to stay open during the day, to allow people and vehicles to pass in and out. This open space also allows less welcome entrants – particularly birds. Attracted by the warmth and shelter, birds can bring dirt and bacteria into a warehouse. This is not just unpleasant for the staff involved, but can lead to you failing health and safety inspections. So, how can you stop birds getting into your warehouse?

Scarers and Decoys

One of the oldest and most traditional ways to scare off birds is with a bird scarer. This might be a person shaped object, like a scarecrow in a field. It could also be a bird shaped object. This might look like a predator – such as an owl or hawk. These work for a while to deter birds like pigeons from entering an area. However, after a period of time the birds will become used to the scarer, and not longer afraid.

Sonic Deterrents

It is possible to convince birds that their natural predators are present in an area. Understandably, this encourages the birds to stay away from those areas. A sonic bird deterrent helps to scare birds away from your warehouse by periodically releasing a noise at the same frequency as a distress call from another of their species. They hear this call and associate it with the presence of a predator. These noises are audible to humans, though they tend to sound like a regular bird call, rather than anything threatening. However, this noise can become tedious to staff after they have heard it enough times.

Bird Netting

Birds want to get into your warehouse to nest in a more sheltered spot. If you can prevent them from being able to shelter anywhere, then you may be able to stop them trying to come in at all. Bird netting blocks access to the roof and loading canopies, so that birds cannot nest. If they are unable to set up nests, then they will not produce droppings that fall on the ground below, or bring bacteria into the warehouse. However, these nets can be difficult to install, especially if your warehouse roof is particularly high.

Heavy Duty PVC Strip Curtains

Perhaps the most effective way to keep birds out of your warehouse is to stop them getting in at all. If you have a large door, or a number of doors that are open to the outside much of the time, then it is often difficult to keep birds out through alternate means. Using a PVC Strip Curtain barrier prevents birds from entering a warehouse entirely, while still allowing people and vehicles to pass through. Heavy Duty PVC Strips from Plastic Strip Curtains are sturdy enough to stop any size of bird from getting into your factory.

The Plastic Strip Curtain Method

We are experts in fitting strip curtains across any size of factory entrance. Whether you have a number of smaller doors, or a single large entrance, we can source, hang and maintain your plastic strip curtain, so that worrying about birds becomes a thing of the past.

Get in touch today to discuss how you we can help you protect your warehouse from bird intrusion, and end pigeon season today.