How can Businesses Benefit from Chiller Blinds?

Chiller Blinds

When you run a business that sells food – either cooked or unprepared – you need to ensure that your products stay as hygienic, preserved and protected as possible. Chiller blinds can help protect your food and your refrigerated cabinets, and help them to last longer. However, what sorts of businesses are chiller blinds suitable for, and how can they help?

What are Chiller Blinds?

Chiller blinds are a protective curtain system that hangs over the top of your refrigerated cabinet. They can be hung in a variety of methods to allow differing access types. Chiller Blinds can also be fitted with a differing number of strips to create differing levels of thickness and protection.

How do they work?

Chiller Blinds help to block the open side of an open refrigerated cabinet. Many refrigerated cabinets do not have doors, but instead have a single open side. This open side can waste a large amount of energy, as the cold created by the refrigerator is not contained within anything. This can be an expensive and wasteful process. Chiller Blinds help to reduce the open space for cold air to escape from, thereby reducing the amount of energy necessary to keep the cabinet cool.

What do Chiller Blinds help with?

Fitting chiller blinds can reduce energy costs by as much as 50% – with improvements to cabinet and ambient efficiency. They help to maintain and extend the lifecycle of cabinets, while maintaining easy access and visibility to cabinets.

Businesses that can benefit from Chiller Blinds

Many types of businesses can benefit from using chiller blinds on their open sided refrigerator cabinets. They can help with several of the issues that food-focused businesses might face.


Supermarkets are one of the biggest users of energy in the British economy. Even smaller shops often have multiple open sided refrigerators. This can lead to a lot of wasted energy. Chiller cabinets can help to prevent wasted energy, and to maximise the length of potential use.

Convenience Stores

Convenience stores often use a number of different refrigerator cabinets to maintain their products in a long lasting state. If you stock a lot of bottled or canned drinks, you want to keep them at a cool, drinkable temperature for as long as possible. Chiller blinds can help to maintain chilled drinks in a desirable state for a long time, with a more efficient chiller, while remaining open for access to the public.


Delis often do not have cabinets that are open to the public. However, they still need to have open refrigerator cabinets on the staff side, rather than the public side. Fresh products that are exposed to the air, such as cheese or charcuterie, need not just to be kept cool, but to be kept hygienic. Chiller curtains can also help to protect food products from flies and other potential pests, helping places like delis to meet their health and safety requirements.

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