Does my Factory Need PVC Strip Curtains?

Clear red PVC strip curtain in a factory divider

Factories are all different. Whatever you make, or do in your factory, you are likely to have different needs and requirements. Some factories need PVC Strip Curtains – but not necessarily all of them. Our helpful guide helps to elucidate what some of the reasons for having curtains are, and as a result, which sort of factories might need them.

What are  Factory PVC Strip Curtains

PVC Strip curtains are a type of curtain that hangs over open spaces – such as doors. They are made of a type of tough and damage resistant pvc. They are hung on a hanging strip in an overlapping pattern, so that the area is covered over, but still easily moved when entrance is required. After the person (or vehicle) has passed through, the strips swing back into place to close up again. Different types of PVC are used for different purposes – a thinner strip is suitable only for people to pass through, whereas a thicker strip is necessary for vehicles such as forklifts to pass through.

What are PVC Strip Curtains For?

Factory PVC Strip curtains can be for a wide range of uses – as many as any other kind of door or covering. They can be used to:

  • Keep a warehouse or factory warm – even if you need constant access to the outdoors.
  • Prevent birds and other animals from getting into your premises.
  • Isolate noise from escaping your premises – particularly in built up areas.
  • Prevent potentially harmful materials or chemicals getting where they should not be.

Forklift Friendly

Many factories use forklifts and other industrial vehicles in the course of their every day work. These are essential, but can be tricky to manoeuvre with traditional doors or barriers. PVC Strip Curtains can come in thicker grades, ensuring that they can be used with forklifts. Our Heavy Duty Factory PVC Strip Curtains are sturdy enough that forklifts can drive through them, without causing any damage.

Welding Curtains

Factories that are frequently home to welding come with their own potential risks. Welding causes sparks and flash, which can be harmful to passers-by. Welding PVC strip curtains are resistant to welding flash and grinding sparks. These curtains can keep your factory a safe environment for workers and visitors to the factory.

Pest Control

Factories are large spaces, with open doors and windows, that are frequently warmer and safer than the outside world for animals and insects. This means that they are an attractive place for pests to try and enter. Plastic Strip curtains can prevent both birds and other flying pests from getting into your factory.

Curtain Dividers

Some Factories might need to separate off a section of the factory, but a traditional PVC Strip Curtain might not be appropriate. A factory curtain divider is a perfect solution to help keep an interior section of a factory free from draughts, fumes and contamination. A curtain divider can also be installed around existing internal factors, such as pipes and steelwork.


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