Do I need Anti-Microbial Strip Curtains?

Anti-Microbial Strip Curtains

PVC Strip Curtains are a popular way of closing off an area partially, while still allowing light, air and people to pass through. They are popular across a range of industries, but particularly those that need to maintain access to a space without having to open and close doors frequently. This might be a factory, warehouse or a production area within a commercial building. PVC Strip Curtains are sturdy enough to stand up to heavy footfall or the use of light vehicles, while being light enough to move easily. They can also help block out cold from entering an open space.

What are Anti-Microbial Strip Curtains?

Some areas of buildings, or even whole buildings, need to be kept cleaner than others. Unfortunately, in the commercial sector, these clean areas often also need to be accessed frequently. We can separate off clean spaces that need frequent access with an Anti-Microbial Strip Curtain. These work in the same way as traditional PVC Strip Curtains, but we manufacture them with additional Anti-Microbial properties. These properties help to maintain a hygienic environment, even when the area has a heavy flow of people.

How do they Work?

Anti-Microbial Strip Curtains prevent dirt, noise and cold air from spreading between rooms. They achieve this by presenting a physical barrier. They are light and flexible enough, however, to make sure that that physical barrier is easy for a person or vehicle to pass through. The anti-microbial element is in the PVC itself. We use Silver-Ion technology to help resist bacteria such as E-Coli, salmonella and MRSA, as well as microbes, mould and fungus. The silver element helps kill off harmful bacteria. It is permanent enough that you can use even the harshest cleaning chemicals in the clean area without damaging the anti-microbial properties.

How are they Fitted?

Fitting a Strip Curtain depends on the area you need to fill. We build each PVC strip curtain individually. If you have a large area, we may need to fit a larger number of strips – while if you have a smaller area, we could use a smaller number of strips. We can also use more strips to provide a thicker and more protective surface. We install a curtain by attaching Anti-Microbial Strips to hanging rail which can either be face or soffit fixed.

Which Businesses Need Anti-Microbial Strip Curtains?

Not all businesses need their PVC Strip Curtains to have anti-microbial properties. Unless you need a specifically clean space to stay hygienic, you probably only need standard PVC Strips. Businesses that deal with food production or storage could benefit from the anti-bacterial properties in these curtains. Equally, hospitals or scientific laboratories where cleanliness is essential might be appropriate. Finally, although you might not have considered it, public changing rooms or wet rooms can be conducive to bacteria and mould, so might benefit from an increased resistance.

Hygiene focused curtains

PVC Strip Curtains are experts in providing and fitting a range of PVC products. All of our curtains and screens are heavy duty and resistant to damage, cold and the elements. For more information, or to discuss what sort of PVC is right for you, get in touch today.